Andrew Mills was born and raised in West Virginia. He grew up in Hampshire County, WV until he claimed permanent residency in Marion County in 2009. Andrew attended Fairmont State University. Though he has some college education, most of his leadership training has been through the US Army Reserve. Andrew enlisted at age 17 in 1997 and retired in January 2020. Andrew has deployed 4 times, 3 to Afghanistan and 1 to Iraq during his 23-year career. Andrew’s civilian career expanded his skill set when he joined the WVU Police department in 2012 until he took a position in 2018 at Fairmont State University Police Department. Through this, Andrew has learned to work well under pressure, to identify strengths within his environment and use the weaknesses to increase positive outcomes.

Growing up in West Virginia, Andrew stands for the working-class people who make this state great. He vows to give back by standing behind his constituents and working for them to help small business, increasing the focus on education, and standing up against corporate greed.

Let’s build something together.

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