• Make education a priority
  • Increase teacher’s salaries and fix PEIA
  • Adequately give tax credit to teachers for purchased supplies
  • End state support of charter schools
  • Support teacher’s right to strike and unionize
  • Expand school, after-school and weekend food programs
  • Fund more nonathletic extra-curricular activities
  • Expand scholarship program to 2.0 students and make 3.0 scholarship available based on performance even after enrollment
  • Promote trade schools at the same level as colleges
  • Place social workers and counselors in every school, including pre-K, to help children and teach coping skills


  • Stop Right to Work and return the Prevailing Wage
  • Enforce West Virginia Jobs Act and make out of state companies hire locally
  • Preference given to union companies for state contracts
  • Put West Virginians to work fixing our roads and bridges and not just patching them


  • Protect and promote unions (investigate claims of wrongful termination due to union talks)
  • Raise the severance tax
  • Support small business through the WV Can’t Wait Small Business Revolution
  • Legalize marijuana (legislated to give advantage to local farmers and local dispensaries)

Opioid Crisis

  • Support better after treatment care with support services, such as employment services and follow-up care
  • Establish more inpatient care facilities
  • Make drug distributors publicly publish what drugs are coming into our state
  • Cap the price of insulin, EpiPens and other life-saving drugs
  • Improve mental health access

While this list includes many of the issues we would like to see addressed at the state level, it does not cover everything. I look forward to meeting and talking with as many people in Marion County as I can and see where we share concerns and common ground. That is who I want to represent, every resident of Marion County.

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